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I'm Ready For Something Different. Are you?

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This week kicks off my new project - Working Together. It’s a newsletter, an inbox essay, and a community.

I’m Ready for Something Different. Are You?

All around us, we see evidence that despite how rapidly our world has changed, the world of work and organizations are not changing at the same rate. Too often, organizations are operating as if its still 1995, and we know that because we’re still trying to fix HR problems from the 1990s: bullying, harassment, disengagement, lack of diversity in our leadership, etc.

<p style="text-align: center;"><em>If you look close enough you can see a dress code policy in there from 1985.</em></p>

What About COVID? Hasn’t That Changed the World of Work? Yes and No.

It depends on your role, your company, and your manager. Many tech company employees are staying home until 2021, but in many other companies, people are forced back to work with minimal safety precautions.

In addition to worker safety, the pandemic disproportionately affects women and minorities, causing many experts to fear that gains in the workforce will reverse.

I Think We Can Change

And that’s what Working Together is about. Building a community of business professionals across all disciplines who want to learn from each other.

Working together is critical to building modern organizations. 

So, What Can You Expect?

Why a newsletter? Why Sub-stack? What’s this Community?

I picked the newsletter format because I wanted to try something different, and I was tired of the hassle of a website. Don’t get me wrong, I love my site, but I’ve come to despise Wordpress’s clunky interface that has made publishing a post anything but simple. Sub-stack provides an accessible format to build a newsletter template and a community. 

What Kind of Community? 

A community for people that realize we need real change in our organizations, people who want to learn how to build modern, inclusive, flexible organizations for our current workforce. 

And the best part? No trolls. 

Essay in your inbox?

Yup. An almost weekly in-depth essay in your inbox tackling any number of topics in the people space - organizational culture, freedom at work, leadership, building people-centered organizations. On the off weeks, you’ll get a collection of carefully curated content that will help you work through making organizations better.

Next Week

I’m writing more in-depth about the problems I see in organizations and what I think it will take to build modern organizations. Modern, flexible organizations where people are treated like people and have the freedom to create, innovate, and come to work as the people they are.

I hope to see you next week!

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